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The EEC Regulations 1992, Reg. 5 ‘EYES AND EYESIGHT’ were implemented to safeguard the eyesight of all employed computer users. A core prerequisite of this legislation is that all employed computer users are entitled to a full eye examination which the employer MUST pay for. If spectacles are required when working with a VDU, employers must contribute to their purchase.

  • It eliminates unnecessary eye examinations while providing full protection for employers.
  • It causes the minimum interruption to the user’s work schedule.
  • It can be used by Personnel Officers, Health and Safety Staff Occupational Health Departments or other responsible people.
  • No special training is necessary.
  • Operators can be tested in their actual environment in which they work.
  • Takes only five minutes to complete.
  • Costs ££’s less than sending everyone to an optometrist.
  • Places less demand on the time of those responsible for staff welfare.
  • ‘Vutest’ is a quick, inexpensive and efficient way to detect warning signs of unwelcome changes.

Tests are purchased in advance for companies registered with EyeLab. At any time company administrators can download a password protected database file of all their employees’ test results.

Please note that individual users choosing the ‘Start Personal Vutest’ option are exempt VAT.

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Click on here if you are paying for your own test. When you have completed the test you will have the option to view and download the results for just £3 or you can choose to view example demonstration results instead free of charge.

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Employee Vutest

Click here if your employer is registered to provide you with a free Vutest. Your company will provide you with your log-in details.

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