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EyeLab is a vision research company with special interests in the safe use of vision. EyeLab have developed online testing programs that evaluate the safe use of vision, Vutest for office workers and SeeDrivePro for all vehicle drivers.


Vutest complies with current EEC Health & Safety Regulations, ‘EYES AND EYESIGHT’ implemented for the protection of VDU operators.


EyeLab recommends FORS (Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme) the voluntary accreditation scheme for all commercial vehicle organisations, their drivers and self-employed drivers.

SeeDrivePro complies with the recommended FORS driver’s vision standards.

The Company

Company directors

John Sheinman, FCOptom FBOA FSMC MBCLA, Emeritus Fellow of the American Academy of Optometry
Andrew Field, MSc DipCLP, DipOptom, Eminent Service Award of the American Academy of Optometry.


The only scientifically and professionally designed sight test for computer users on the Internet. Patent N° 2267159. Vutest™ analyses your ability to see comfortably and to use your eyes correctly whilst using a computer. Developed by optometrists, vision scientists and programers at EyeLab (UK) Ltd. in 1991, Vutest™ complies with current EEC Regulations, EYES AND EYESIGHT implemented for the protection of VDU operator's eyesight.

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A unique and simple test for screening the sight of commercial vehicle drivers to the standard of FORS www.fors-online.org.uk/cms/ vision assessment and suitability to drive HGV and PSV to DVLA recommendations.

A full and confidential database of staff results for audit as well as individuals advice for just £1 per driver test.

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EyeLab have also developed programs to test side vision up to 30°, driver's reaction time test and DVLA number plate test which are free to use.

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Vision screening for computer operators & office employees

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